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5 Tips To Lower Your Cable Bill In 2016

As 2016 approaches, many people have created New Year’s resolutions that include taking a hard look at household finances and personal spending. One way to cut back is to take a look at how much you are paying for cable TV, high speed Internet and phone service.

Most people use search and compare websites while others use the tactic of bargaining with the Internet Service Provider in their area to get the best deal. If you do not like haggling over month price then read the tips we have outline below for getting the best deal on cable TV, Internet and phone services.

Typically, deals are offered by Comcast XFINITY, Time Warner Cable, Cox and Charter in most areas.

Tip #1: Stay Calm and Have Good Attitude

When dealing with customer service representatives from local Internet service providers it often can be a frustrating process. When you stay calm and listen to the available packages in your area you often get the best results. Remember don’t be rude to a representative of Internet service providers. Instead, be nice and demonstrate a willingness to work with them to get the best possible deal. In some cases, representatives of cable TV providers has some leeway in what they offer customers. If that doesn’t work, try calling at a later time and speak with a new customer service representative.

Tip #2: Search and Compare Offers From Other Internet Providers In The Area

In some cases, the best way to find the lowest possible monthly price on cable TV, high speed Internet and phone services in your area is to search and compare offers from multiple Internet service providers. All you have to do is research all the options available in your area to see what they offer new customers. By researching current offers in your area it lets you know what type of service and package you may get. In some cases, cable TV providers offer new customer perks, however, they may not be available in some areas.

Tip #3: Determine What Is Important to You

Before you order broadband services for your home it is always best to know exactly what you want. Lower price does not always equate to the type of service you actually need based on daily usage. Speak to a customer service representative to help you identify the best package that meets your needs. In some cases, you can receive deals on DVR services, premium channels and fast Internet service.

Tip #4: Threaten To Cut Off Your Service

You can call your Internet service provider and ask them what current deals they have available. If they don’t offer you a better deal you can threaten to switch to a competitor to get a better price. In some cases, the customer service representative will work with you so they won’t lose you as a customer. If the customer service representative calls your bluff and you stay with the service, they will have no reason to bargain with you in the future. Understand when it’s time to leave and look for a better cable provider.

Tip #5: Research Possible Penalties In Your Contract

It is important to find out whether or not there are penalties associated with terminating your current contract and switching to a competitor. Many cable companies offer incentives to keep you as a customer.

Often times when promotional periods end, that’s the best time to renegotiate your service package. To find great deals on cable TV service check out Cable TV Popular Cities With Great Deals: Comcast XFINITY Chicago Comcast XFINITY Miami Comcast XFINITY Orlando Comcast XFINITY Naples