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Top Seven Reasons Comcast XFINITY Is Slow


The superstar actor and comedian Will Ferrell once released a tweet on Twitter, “Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow Internet to see who they really are.”

A slow Internet connection is no laughing matter when you want to get work done, watch streaming content or just surf the web. If you have been having connection or speed issues with XFINITY® there are several reasons why.

Below you will find seven top reasons why your XFINITY® connection is slow.

1. Are You Getting What You Pay For?

Often times your Internet may be slow because you are on a lower tier plan. To find out what type of service you have simply log in to your XFINITY account and look at what speed your are paying for. If it’s not the speed you need then call a customer service representative to discuss upgrading your account.

2. Network Latency Is Very High

The performance of your Internet is often times based on two factors: bandwidth and latency. Latency is simply the amount of time it takes for your computer device to connect to the Web address’s server. An easy way to measure the latency of your connection is conduct a simple ping command from your command prompt.

3. Your Wi-Fi Signal Is Bad

In some cases your Internet may be in good condition but your Wi-Fi signal is either weak or not working at all. Wi-Fi is similar to a cell phone’s reception in the sense that it can be spotty at times. To find out whether or not it’s your Wi-Fi signal find out if other people are using your Wi-Fi connection to surf the Web.

4. Your Hardware Could Be Bad And May Need Replacing

Most of the time people have issues with their Internet connection because the hardware like the modem has gone bad. May people don’t realize it but modems fail pretty regularly. Modems made in the early 2000s are not going to be able to handle the bandwidth or network upgrades that Internet Service Providers offer their customers. You can restart you modem to see if it clears up any connection issues. If that doesn’t work then contact your ISP to request a new one

5. You Could Have A Virus Draining Your Resources

One of the major causes of your Internet slow down may be attributed to malware and virus which are living on your computer and forcing your Internet speeds to slow down. Lifehacker’s Whitson Gordon suggests that, instead of loading up on antivirus software (which can also slow your computer), you should practice safe browsing. Take care to avoid unsafe files, Internet pop-ups, or unknown links, and you’ll likely see a marked improvement.

6. You Are Running Software That Requires Bandwidth

Most people don’t realize that software running in the background of you computer can create increase bandwidth usage. Watching videos, listening to music, downloading files with heavy animation can cause your Internet connection to slow down.

7. You Computer Is Old And Slow

After running connection tests and finding that your Internet speed is fine, you may want to consider purchasing a new computer. Using a computer from the late 90s or early 2000s often cannot handle the load of looking at videos, streaming music and downloading files. You may want to consider freeing up some hard drive space. If that doesn’t work you may want to purchase a new computer.

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