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Comcast XFINITY X1 Review

Comcast XFINITY is a cable Internet provider with available service in multiple states. Not only do you have a host of movies to choose from with XFINITY, you also have access to all the latest TV shows and documentaries. Internet is also a selling feature with this Comcast, which is great for someone who likes to watch videos and play games online. They offer unsurpassed HD quality services, reliable and fast internet, Pay Per View, On Demand and stream live TV.  There are several packages and bundles that you can choose from.

Here are a few:

Two Play – This option gives offers packages for internet and TV service.

Triple Play – This gives you the option to save money while still getting excellent service by combining its cable TV with internet and telephone service. The good thing about these bundles are that you are saving money plus you are only dealing with one company.

Latino Packages – Offers 60+ spanish speaking channels, international calls to Mexico, Puerto Rico and 300 minutes per month to Latin America. X2 DVR is included for 12 months.

Fast Uploading Speeds – The company offers impressive downloading and uploading speeds (20 Mbps). This is great for people who frequently upload lots of videos.

Comcast Xfinity offers service in 40 states nationwide. Cable/Internet service can cost anywhere from $29.99-$89.99, depending on what package you choose. When selecting a package please note that there can be additional fees and they can add up.

Here are a few:

Early Termination Fee – $150 after 6 months Equipment Lease Fee – $8-$10 per month Installation Fee – varies by location

Performance Starter – $49.95 per month Download Rate up to 6Mbps Upload Rate up to 1Mbps Data Allowance – 300GB

There are several cable internet providers out there and customer reviews vary. One downside noted that not all of the services mentioned above are available in all areas although Comcast does compete in many markets.

Comcast High Speed Internet – While Comcast’s cable services have been very successful and popular in many markets, the company has received a great deal of negative press regarding their bandwidth caps.

Customer Service and Support – It has been noted that customers particularly complain about bad experiences with the call centers. Comcast also has below average ratings in customer service, reliability and support. Another complaint was that customers were not allowed to sign up in person at their many service centers. With so much emphasis being on online resource support, chances are you will never interact with an actual customer service representative.

Rate Increases –  You may have one promotional price when signing but after the first twelve months the price increases into a two year contract. You can get a no term agreement but the price will be much higher and a deposit is required for equipment. If you prefer a non-contract agreement and don’t like price hikes, then Comcast may not be for you.

So there, you have it. Although there are several cable providers out there Comcast has a lot to offer. If you were to relocate, the transfer would be easy because Comcast operates in many markets. Not to mention, they have a wide variety of TV packages to chose from. Comcast XFINITY is definitely worth checking out.

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