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Are New Yorkers Getting Cheated Out Of Fast Internet

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman sent letters to Time Warner Cable, Time Warner Cable and Cablevision Systems Corp on October 23,2015. The letter was addressing an investigation into whether or not these telecommunication companies were giving customers the Internet speed they were promised. Mr. Schneiderman requested samples from each Internet Service Provider (ISP) to prove the Internet speed was what the companies advertised. The attorney general’s office stated that they had received complaint letters from customers to investigate the companies.

Around 2014, the Federal Communications Commission released a document entitled “Measuring Broadband America – 2014.” The document highlighted multiple findings that stated 80 percent of Verizon’s DSL and Cablevision subscribers receive more speed than advertised at the time of their contract agreement. In fact, Verizon’s DSL performed at an average of 83 percent of the advertised speed which was slightly below the industry average of 91 percent. Time Warner Cable actually did well by performing at 91 percent of what their advertised speed stated.

The data compiled was not only from New York but the nation as a whole, however, when a state-by-state test is performed New York ranks 4th in the United States for receiving actually Internet speed that was advertised. In fact, New York’s top ISP’s are Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS.

Without us knowing the full details of Schneiderman’s complaints it seems that New York ISPs are providing great service to its subscribers on a consistent basis.

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