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TV Show Black-ish – Makes A Bad Move Removing Charlie

TV Show Black-ish
This week on the TV show Black-ish, the cast was joined by acting greats Wanda Sykes and Sha (Faizon Love). The show centered around support for friends who helped on the rise to success and how you should support them on their climb.

Sha is a starving artist who has been crashing on Dre’s couch for a few weeks, which sparks an uncomfortable feeling with Dre’s wife. He tries to teach her that loyalty is strong and you should break it because a person in struggling.

Dre also struggles with the fact that Charlie has decided to leave the company and move on which makes me wonder if the writers are bringing Wanda Sykes in to fill that role. If that is the case I think it would be a bad move. Charlie’s brand of humor is a breath of fresh air and something new to television.

Let’s hope he returns and show doesn’t start to take a weird direction and lose viewers.

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