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‘Star Wars’ The Force Awakens – Breaks Records At The Box Office Taking Out A Classic

Star Wars The Force Awakens

Lucasfilm creator of ‘Star Wars’ one of the world’s most popular installment of movies released yet another mega-hit called ‘The Force Awakens’ in December 2015, which shattered box office expectations. The movie has come close to hitting the all-time $250 million mark at the box office slightly pushing pass Jurassic World, which took in $208 million in its first weekend in 2015.

Hollywood views this as a shot in the arm appealing to young and old movie goers and chance to reconnect with a fatigued audience that just hasn’t seen much quality out of Hollywood lately. As a result the movies success, Lucasfilm pulled out yet another set of tricks by inserting a whole new generation of heroes and villains. In fact, Lucasfilm has already announced that filming for Episode VIII will begin in January 2016, with a movie release date of May 2017.

At the London premiere, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that most of ‘The Force Awakens’ cast members will be back for Episode VIII.

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