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Fans Of The Walking Dead Should Hang On And Don’t Scream…It’s Going To Be A Rough Ride

The Walking Dead

(Gene Page/AMC)

If you are a diehard TWD fan then I’ve got some good news for you. Recently Andrew Lincoln spilled the beans on what’s coming next on the nation’s hottest and most watched TV show. The team of writers for the show plan on taking fans on a roller coaster ride they will never forget says the star of the show. In fact he wants you to sit on the edge of your seats throughout the entire season because the midseason finale has nothing compared to what’s coming down the pipeline.

The star was quoted as saying “If you thought the midseason finale of The Walking Dead was brutal, star Andrew Lincoln has a message for you: That’s nothing compared to what is coming up next. Fasten your proverbial seatbelts, people, because the road out of Alexandria is about to become a lot bumpier (no doubt thanks to that Sam pipsqueak).”

Rick Grimes was recently tracked down to get his insight on Sunday’s midseason finale and he was gracious enough to supply us with some juicy tidbits of information into a few key scenes from the mid-point of season 6. He also could not contain his emotions for what is coming next, as it sounds like fans are going to be shocked as to who is next in the never ending twist of The Walking Dead.

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