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3 Popular TV Shows That Fell Flat After Season One

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With all of the TV programming available it’s difficult to find a new TV show that captures your attention on a regular basis, thus making fall down a TV show hole. What’s more difficult to understand that once you find your favorite TV show it loses its appeal after a few seasons by storyline changes or atmosphere changes, thus making the show unrecognizable. If you have ever fell victim to TV show changes then you understand the pain that the mass audience feels when a TV show is finally taken off the air. To help you avoid future disappointment, here’s a few shows you don’t want to start watching.

1. “American Horror Story”
This throwback and creepy TV series started off with high hopes because it was truly a frightening TV show that didn’t have that cheesy horror overlay. In fact it had the potential to rule the airwaves for many seasons to come but couldn’t keep up the steam. Viewers of the TV show were hooked after the first season, “Murder House”, but were very disappointed where the second season of “Asylum” rolled around. The show has moved away from its original premise and is destined to lose its audience.

2. “True Detective”
HBO astonished viewers on a weekly basis with the first season of ‘True Detective’ starring Woody Harrelson (Marty Hart) and Matthew McConaughey (Rust Cohle) with its whodunit approach to exploring a cops mind and killers mind simultaneously. The second season seemed to leave the audience with a lot of unanswered questions and was very frustrating to watch at times.

3. “New Girl”
This fresh new sitcom was delivered as the reincarnation of “Friends” as was created with quick one-liners sucked you in to make you feel comfortable with the characters. Unfortunately, that person next door feeling went away as fast as the show aired. If you would like to find out if other TV shows are airing that have a good audience appeal then check out Cable TV partners below.

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