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High Speed Internet

Internet Essential

Starting at only $39.99 /month
for 12 months
* Download speeds up to 15 Mbps
* Cox Security Suite Included
* 10 Email Accounts Included


Advanced TV

Starting at only $59.99 /month
for 12 months
* 220 + Channels + On Demand
* Free HD Programming
* ContourSM TV Upgrade available

Digital Phone


Starting at only $29.99 /month
for 6 months
* Customer Service You Can Count On
* Primary Phone Line With 14 Features
* Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Cox Cable Availability In Your Area

Cox Communications has been servicing customers since 1992 and has quickly become a front runner providing communication and entertainment to Americans. Cox has a very targeted footprint and plans to increase their services in the near future. If you are interested in Cox Communication services, check to see if service is available in your area. Speak with a service professional to determine the right package for your budget. Cox Communications Advanced TV Services Cox Communications has been offering cable TV since the 1960′s and has continually designed services to fit consumers. Cox offers digital cable TV some of the best service in the industry. With Cox Advanced TV you have the ability to watch your favorite programs. Advanced Viewing Options from Cox Communications provides the best basic cable offers.

When ordering Cox Communications, you will experience the best TV programming instantly. Cox Communications offers a user-friendly Interactive Programming Guide which enable users to search through hundreds of channels to locate their favorite shows.

Other advanced features from Cox include:

Free Local Channels in HD: Don’t want to miss your favorite local shows? Well Cox Communications offers you the best picture possible at no extra charge. Unlike many of their competitors, Cox Cable offer HD TV for free with no additional specials required. Customers have the options of choosing between many sports, local and premium HD channels.

Cox Communications DVR Services: Cox Cable offers a unique DVR service that allows customers the ability to play back, pause, fast forward or rewind their favorite shows without a phone line. Cox Cable’s DVR services gives consumers the ability to watch one program while recording another program.

On Demand Services from Cox: Cox Cable offers the most popular movies, new releases, shows, music and more 24 hours a day with On Demand from Cox. Select from thousands of exciting programs from the comfort of your home.

Cox High Speed Internet Services

Are you looking for super-fast high speed Internet service? Well Cox Internet services get you moving in a flash. Cox Communications makes interruptions go away by offering PowerBoost® technology and 24/7/365 world-class technical support.

High Speed Internet with PowerBoost® Cox Internet services are extremely intuitive to the point it can notify you when you need more power during downloading and uploading rich media files like pictures and videos. When PowerBoost® kicks in the process in done in a flash. With Cox PowerBoost® you done have to worry about seeing progress bars because your Internet never slows down long enough for them to appear.

Since 1992, Cox has been providing reliable broadband service and a start-of-the-art platform to customers and has won multiple awards. As of today, Cox Communications provides exceptional digital cable TV, phone and high-speed Internet services to many customers. Get More for Less when you choose Cox High Speed Internet Services

•  Access to Sports via ESPN 24/7 online
•  Get up to 50GB of FREE storage space with Preferred and Premier Package.
•  Anti-Spam Protection
•  Get up to 10 FREE Email Addresses.

Cox Digital Telephone Services

Digital phone services from Cox Communications provides top-notch quality and reliability to all of their customers for a reasonable monthly fee. We have providing more detail on Cox’s world-class phone network.

Calling Plans and Phone Feature Packages

While many people believe the hype and gimmicks of other phone companies, Cox Communications provides unique call packages like none other. Each of Cox’s phones plans are well thought out with the customer in mind and designed to save you money. Customers can choose up to 10 different features in addition to their regular phone plan. With Cox customers can call multiple locations and get the best possible deal on both monthly and per-minute rates.

Cox Deals and Service Package Prices

Standard Cox TV and Advanced TV Packages for 3 months

Cox Advanced TV: $39.99*/mo for 3 months

• Over 170 channels

Cox Advanced TV Paks – Choose one or bundle them all for bigger savings:

• 4 Premium channel paks – get them separately or bundled together & save big
• Movie Pak
• Sports and Information Pak
• Variety Pak
• Faith and Values Pak
• Latino Pak

Cox High Speed Internet® Packages

Cox High Speed Internet Essential:
• 5 Mbps download speed
• 1 Mbps upload speed
• Cox Security Suite** Powered By McAfee®
• Cox online backup with 1 GB storage

Cox High Speed Internet Preferred:
•Download speeds up to 25 Mbps with Powerboost® †
•Cox Security Suite** Powered By McAfee®
•Spam blocker
•Up to 10 FREE Email Addresses

Cox High Speed Internet Premier:
•Download speeds up to 50 Mbps with PowerBoost® †
•Up to 3 Mbps upload speed
•Cox Security Suite** Powered By McAfee®
•50GB Secure Online backup
•Up to 10 FREE Email Addresses

Cox Digital Telephone® Packages

Cox offers 2 Digital Telephone packages to choose from:
•COX Digital Telephone Essential:
•COX Digital Telephone Premier:

Cox Bundle Packages

If you are looking to save money, then order one of Cox Communications bundle packages today.

Cox Bundle: as low as $99.99/mo. for 12 months

•Cox Advanced TV
•Internet Preferred with Speeds Up To 12Mbps
•Phone Essential Plus •Free Professional Installation
•Lock in this price for 24 months with a contract

Cox Double Play Preferred Bundle: TV + Internet Starting at $99.99/mo for 12 months

•Over 230 Channels
•24/7 live, online sports coverage from
•Free HD and On Demand
•Download Speeds up to 12Mbps

Cox Triple Play Silver Bundle: TV + Internet + Phone Starting at $119.99/mo for 12 months

•FREE Professional Installation
•Over 230 Channels
•Download Speeds up to 25Mbps
•Unlimited local calling
•Includes Variety Pack

If you are ready to experience the best in home services call 1-855-683-0090 to speak to customer representative today. To learn more about Cox Cable click here.

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